About This Blog 

The region of Catalonia, located in the eastern extremity of the Iberian Peninsula, is currently attempting to declare independence from Spain. On October 1st, 2017, a referendum declared 'illegal' was held across Catalonia for its citizens to determine whether it wishes to become an independent state. The current independence movement and Spain's opposition has caused tensions to rise between Catalonia and Spain, forming one of the gravest crises in the country's history. 

This blog aims to inform readers of the events surrounding the referendum that have unfolded, and which will continue to develop through news articles that analyze sources in Catalan, Spanish, and English, and also first-hand interviews. Original research and feature articles discuss Catalonia's history, politics, and culture, all of which help elucidate the reasons for independence.

The implications of the current movement are as such: Catalan independence is challenging the current Madrid administration's ability to rule a country whose democracy is under threat. The outcome will also set an example for other independence movements around the world, from Quebec to Scotland. Finally, the Catalan independence movement is defining the complex, and at times contradicting relationship between the right to self-sovereignty and constitutional rule in international politics in the 21st century.