09.08 News Roundup: Law on Transition Towards Republic Passed; Backlash from Madrid Government

The Daily Roundup surveys the most important headlines of the day surrounding the Referendum. Sources in Spanish and Catalan are included and summarized wherever possible.

  • The Catalan Parliament passed the "Law on a Judicial and Foundational Transition Towards a Republic" earlier today with 71 votes from Together For Yes and Popular Unity Candidacy, the majority independence coalition. 10 voted no from left-wing Catalonia, Yes We Can, while Socialists' Party (PSC), Popular Party (PP), and Citizens' Party (Cs) abstained. The law details the procedure for Catalonia's transition towards an independent republic should the yes vote win.
  • The Attorney General of Catalonia (La Fiscalía Superior) has filed two complaints, one against the Bureau of Parliament, and the other against President Puigdemont, Vice-President Junqueras, and the twelve deputies of the government for the call to vote on the Oct. 1st referendum. The Constitutional Court of Catalonia is expected to decide today whether to admit and investigate the cases. The Attorney General advises the Court to take measures such as closing the website of the referendum, referendum.cat, and ceasing the publication of referendum material among media in Catalonia.