09.06 News Roundup: Referendum Law Expected to Pass Today; Key Points of Referendum Explained

The Daily Roundup surveys the most important headlines of the day surrounding the Referendum. Sources in Spanish and Catalan are included and summarized wherever possible.

  • The Parliament of Catalonia is expected to pass the law today that would allow the October 1st referendum to be officially underway. The ruling independence coalition, Together for Yes (Junts pel Sí) and left pro-independence Popular Unity Candidacy (Candidatura d´Unitat Popular or CUP) are expected to vote in favor of the referendum with 72 votes (out of 135), while opposition parties (PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos) would vote against it. 
  • ¨Ten Key Points to the Referendum Law¨ as published by El País is available with an English summary and analysis here.