09.05 News Roundup: 72% Would Vote 'Yes' in Poll; Attorney General Promises 'Firm' Action Against Secession

The Daily Roundup surveys the most important headlines of the day surrounding the Referendum. Sources in Spanish and Catalan are included and summarized wherever possible. 

  • In a poll conducted by Sociométrica for the Spanish newspaper El Español, 72% of Catalans would vote 'yes' in favor of independence, with a turnout rate of about 50%. Here is a summary of the original Spanish source. 

  • The Attorney General of Spain, José Manuel Maza, has guaranteed that the Office of the Attorney General (Ministerio Fiscal) would act in a ¨very firm way¨ against those who ¨situate themselves at the margin of the law and the state¨, referring to the independentists of Catalonia. Maza pointed out several Catalan institutions ithat may prosecute leaders of the movement in the event of an attempt to secede - among others, the High Court of Justice (Tribunal Superior de Justicia) and the National Court (Audiencia Nacional).