09.04 News Roundup: Voting Boxes; Formal Decree Expected This Week

The Daily Roundup surveys the most important headlines of the day surrounding the Referendum. Sources in Spanish and Catalan are included and summarized wherever possible. 

  • Questions on the details of the referendum, such as how ballot boxes and voting materials will be obtained, whether foreigners can vote, remain unresolved. Since the government of Spain provides ballot boxes in official elections, the opposed referendum must find them elsewhere. Vice President Sáenz de Santamaría noted that the government "is willing to remove ballot boxes" in order to prevent the referendum. 
  • The advisor of the Presidency and spokesperson for the regional government, Jordi Turull, has confirmed that the government will sign the official announcement of the referendum this week. The announcement will come, as noted in today's La Vanguardia article, after the expected approval of the Laws of the Referendum and Legal Transition in Parliament this week.