Poll Shows 'Yes' To Win Referendum With 60% Participation

Sept. 17th, 2017

 Participants during the demonstrations on  La Diada.  Photo by Albert Han

Participants during the demonstrations on La Diada. Photo by Albert Han

A poll conducted by the Institut Opinometre and published today by the Catalan newspaper Ara shows a projected win for independence. The survey, carried out immediately following the national day celebrations (La Diada) and the declaration of the referendum as 'illegal' by the Constitutional Court, found that 60.2% of respondents would vote in the Oct. 1st referendum, while 30.3% would not. A further 9.5% was unsure, or chose not to comment. Among those who were 'sure' of voting, 69.9% would vote in favor of independence, and 14.3% would reject it, while 15.8% would cast a blank ballot. 

The result shows that the anticipated voter turnout in the referendum has fallen since the last poll conducted in July by the Center of Studies on Public Opinion (Centre d'Estudis d'Opinio), when 67.5% said they would participate. However, the support for independence has not decreased, as 62.4% had responded in favor of yes in July, despite the illegality of the referendum and measures taken by the central government in Madrid to stop the referendum.