With Colau as Leader, Mayors Throw Support Behind Referendum

Sept. 16th, 2017

More than 700 mayors gathered in Barcelona today in a show of defiance against threats from the Attorney's General Office in Madrid. The gathering of mayors affirmed their support to hold the Oct. 1st Referendum, despite comments made by the Attorney General, José Manuel Maza, earlier this week that threaten their arrest should they defy any orders from the central government in Madrid. 

The pro-referendum mayors were welcomed this morning at the City Hall of Barcelona by Ada Colau. Since her agreement with Puigdemont on Thursday that would allow Barcelona to participate in the referendum, she has taken on a leading role for other mayors across Catalonia. "This city hall is always your home, now more than ever," she said, as mayors raised their scepters of office in agreement.

The event was followed by a gathering at the Gothic patio in the Catalan government's office (Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya). Following speeches made by several mayors that expressed their support for the referendum, Puigdemont affirmed the event as "an expression of unity and determination".  

With 15 days remaining until the Oct. 1st referendum, Puigdemont and the leaders of the pro-independence movement have solidified their determination to hold the vote despite Madrid's warnings on the consequences of an illegal referendum.