Attorney General Office Orders Interrogation of Pro-Referendum Mayors

Sept. 15th, 2017

 The Attorney General Office in Madrid. 

The Attorney General Office in Madrid. 

The office of the Attorney General of Spain has ordered its local offices in Catalonia to investigate mayors collaborating in the Oct. 1st referendum, according to Spanish newspaper El Periódico. As of Sept. 14th, more than 700 mayors of towns and cities across Catalonia have signed an agreement pledging their support to carry out the independence vote in their respective municipalities. The complete list can be found here).

The Attorney General, José Manuel Maza, also allowed the Catalan police force to detain mayors who refuse to cooperate and have them appear before the Attorney General's office. Maza warned that mayors guilty of collaboration could face a charge of disobedience, perversion of justice, and the misuse of public funds if they participate in a referendum deemed as 'illegal' by the Tribunal Court of Spain. The charges can carry up to 8 years of prison and 20 years of ban from holding public office, according to Maza in his letter. 

As of Sept. 15th, 5 mayors have been cited to appear before the Attorney General's Office, as more citations are expected next week.