Catalan District Attorney's Office Orders Police Forces to Stop Referendum

Sept. 13th, 2017


The District Attorney's Office of Catalonia has given orders to the three police force units in Catalonia - the Civil Guards (Guardia Civil), the National Police (Policía Nacional), and the Police Force of Catalonia (Los Mossos d´Esquadra) - to adopt necessary measures in order to prevent the celebration of the Oct. 1st referendum. This includes the "confiscation of ballot boxes, electoral envelopes, instruction manuals for electoral commissions, election materials, campaign materials, and any other material that could distribute, promote, or celebrate the ilegal referendum". Any disobedience, the Office writes, would be considered a crime and is punishable. 

This order follows the pronouncement from the Tribunal Court of Spain on Sept. 7th that the Oct. 1st referendum in Catalonia is 'illegal' under the Spanish Constitution. The police forces are expected to comply with the order, and maj. Josep Lluís Trapero, the highest ranking officer in Los Mossos, has sent an internal order this afternoon encouraging officers to comply.