09.12 News Roundup: High Turnout for La Diada; Tribunal Court Orders Police Forces to Stop Referendum

The Daily Roundup surveys the most important headlines of the day surrounding the Referendum. Sources in Spanish and Catalan are included and summarized wherever possible.

  • The National Day of Catalonia, La Diada saw a large turnout of demonstrators yesterday in Barcelona calling for the Oct. 1st referendum to take place. Estimates on the number of participants varied widely; one report from the (Guardia Civil) estimated at one million, while the Spanish government representative in Catalonia estimated the number between 300,000 and 350,000. Sources agreed, however, that the turnout was lower compared to previous years. [Source: El Periódico]
  • The High Tribunal Court of Catalonia ordered the Catalan state police force (Los Mossos d'Esquadra), the Civil Guard, and the National Police force (Policia Nacional) to seize all materials connected with the Oct. 1st referendum, including "ballot boxes, envelopes, instruction manuals, election materials, or any material for the promotion or execution of the referendum". So far, only Los Mossos have refused to comment upon this order. This follows raids reported last week of Civil Guards who were searching for printed ballots.